What is the principle of picosecond laser to remove pigment?

The tattoo seems to be a close-up of youth. After years of training, we have learned to mature after precipitation and low-key tolerance. However, the tattoo mark is difficult to erase, so we have no choice but to solve it. We also know that tattoo washing, but traditional tattoo washing can’t get rid of it. Now, picosecond laser tattoo washing is coming, but how about the effect of picosecond laser tattoo washing?

Picosecond laser tattoo wash

Compared with traditional laser tattoo removal and computer-controlled treatment, the emitted laser can penetrate the skin above the damaged part very smoothly, enter the damaged part, and treat the tattoo pigment of the damaged part. During the treatment, the pigment is gasified and crushed under the powerful laser, so that the color of the tattoo disappears. This regression will be seen at the time of treatment. The effect of picosecond laser tattoo washing is that the laser enters the real inner skin layer and breaks the deposited pigment, which is the same as the previous laser tattoo. But the difference between the two is that ordinary laser tattooing is like breaking a large stone into small stones, but ordinary ones are to this extent. The picosecond laser can further break small stones into fine sand particles, which can be excluded from the body later.

In the past ten years, Q-switched nanosecond laser has been used in tattoo treatment, including 1064 / 532nm Nd: YAG laser, 755nm alexandrite laser and 694nm ruby laser. At that time, the emergence of these lasers made it possible to achieve selective minimally invasive treatment of tattoos. However, these lasers aim at the limitation of pigment particle color and relatively long pulse width. The tattoos of some colors are powerless or can not be completely removed, and the treatment cycle is long, and the pain is more obvious. The advent of picosecond laser makes it possible to remove tattoos quickly, thoroughly and comfortably.

For tattoo removal, picosecond laser is 100 times the Q / s standard of nanosecond laser. It is the first technology to realize picosecond alexandrite laser in the world. The laser can irradiate the interior of the skin.

Principle of pigment removal:

Picosecond laser is the principle that the pigment in the skin is more finely crushed through fast and powerful energy, and then discharged out of the body through lymph, so as to completely remove the tattoo. Therefore, the treatment process is shortened from the original 10 times to 2-3 times, without damaging the true lining layer, reducing the possibility of side effects and improving the success rate of operation. It can remove undesirable pigments from the skin to improve the brightness of the skin. Use less energy to reduce the damage to the surrounding tissue and get better therapeutic effect. Technology is to adopt more advanced technology in a shorter operation time to make the skin obtain better cosmetic effect.

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