What are the advantages of laser tattoo washing?

Many people have a yearning for tattoos, because tattoos look cool, women tattoo charming, men tattoo domineering, but many people tattoo on impulse, or feel that the pattern is not good-looking after tattooing. What should we do if we want to remove the tattoo?

Remove the tattoo

The principle of laser tattoo washing is to apply the laser to the tattoo, use the effect of the laser, and absorb the laser of specific wavelength with the pigment particles of different colors, and penetrate the epidermis in a very short time under the strong energy of the laser. Because the pigment particles absorb a lot of heat energy under the irradiation of the laser, the upper light receiving part will expand rapidly, while the lower part will remain unchanged, Due to uneven heating, it will break into smaller particles and debris, which will be desquamated through the skin, or discharged by blood circulation and swallowed by macrophages. After many such irradiation processes, the later pigment will be gradually absorbed and eventually disappear. When this method is operated properly, the laser action time is very short, so it will not damage the skin tissue and leave scars.

Color tattoos are more difficult and take longer to wash than black and gray. Because black absorbs energy more easily, while light color is more difficult, and the laser spectrum is different. Therefore, black and gray tattoos are relatively easy to wash, while color tattoos, especially yellow, green and red, will be difficult to wash. In addition, the size of the tattoo area, the depth of the pigment penetrating the skin, and the particle size of the pigment will affect the difficulty of washing the tattoo. The absorption capacity of the tattoo’s own macrophages also has a great impact on the final effect.

What are the advantages of laser tattoo washing?

High security

Laser tattoo removal belongs to physical therapy, which will not damage normal skin. The laser beam has strong accuracy and deep penetration, and will not have any impact on the epidermis. At the same time, laser can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen tissue of human skin, which can play the effect of beautifying and rejuvenating skin.

Non invasive and traceless

Laser is a non-invasive treatment that does not leave open wounds on the skin.

No pain

The laser beam is mild, the energy can be adjusted, and there is cooling technology. In addition, doctors will apply surface anesthetics before some laser operations, so there is almost no pain.

Good effect

Traditional tattoo removal methods only do superficial work, which can not affect the deep pigment cells, and the removal effect is not complete. Laser tattoo removal can achieve better pigment removal effect by using the strong penetration of laser.

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