What is ND:YAG Laser Tattoo Removal?

  Laser tattoo removal therapy. Also known as laser surgery and laser skin rejuvenation. This is a low-risk option with minimal side effects. Licensed physicians use a neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser to remove tattoos.

  The tattoo remover breaks down the pigment color of the tattoo. The laser acts precisely on the skin with a red aiming beam. 1064nm nd yag tattoo removes laser damaged tattoos.

  Different colors require different laser heads and parameters. 1064 nm Nd:Yag Q-switched laser for black and blue tattoos. The 532nm yag laser treatment head is suitable for red and brown tattoos.

  The laser selectively targets and removes tattoos without damaging surrounding tissue. Laser tattoo removal healing process reduces scarring. Most tattoos do require a series of treatments. It depends on the depth and color of the tattoo.

  Yag q-switched laser technology

  Go to the tattoo machine and use ND:YAG Q-switched laser technology. This is a special type of fast and powerful pulse therapy program. The Yag laser can remove tattoo ink without damaging surrounding skin tissue.

  The Yag q-tuning laser is the only way to remove tattoos without scarring. There are two types of Q-switched lasers on the market. Single pole and double pole. The double-rod NdYAG Q-switched laser has twice the energy of a single-rod.

  The energy of the double-rod NdYAG Q-switched laser is as high as 2000 MJ. The single rod NdYAG Q-switched laser is 1000mj. Double bar laser tattoo removal is more effective. Single-handedly can be done, but requires more treatment.

  The laser tattoo remover VA-402 is a dual rod nd:YAG laser. Energy up to 2000mj, frequency 10Hz. Laser tattoo removal procedures are effective and fast. Yag laser tattoos require 1 to 3 tattoo removal treatments.

  How does a laser tattoo remover work?

  A tattoo consists of many ink pigment particles suspended in the skin. During tattoo removal, the nd:YAG laser handpiece transfers energy to the target ink. The YAG laser breaks the ink in skin cells into smaller particles. Your immune system removes tiny particles from your body.

  Tattoos require different wavelengths to remove all colors. No single laser wavelength can remove all tattoo colors. Generally we use 1064nm and 532nm to deal with tattoo color.

  Each tattoo ink pigment has a very specific ability to absorb light. Skilled use of 1064nm and 532nm can remove almost all types of tattoos.

  Nd: What does the YAG laser tattoo machine do?

  These 1064 nm lasers are specifically designed to treat pigmented lesions of the skin and tattoos. Pigmented lesions are simply skin discolorations. These lasers are very effective in treating these. They have also been clinically proven to be effective in tattoo removal treatments. Laser tattoo removal is not the only function of Nd:YAG laser machines. Can also be used for laser skin rejuvenation. Laser skin rejuvenation is also called laser carbon resurfacing.

  Laser Carbon Facial Covers the face with carbon gel. Carbon Absorbed NdYAG Laser.

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