What should be paid attention to when making gold radio frequency microneedles?

  The gold rf microneedle combines the microneedle and rf technology, and combines the microneedle minimally invasive technology, high temperature RF technology and fixed layer transdermal energy supply technology. Gold-plated microneedles and adjustable radio frequency probe technology of different depths can deliver energy evenly to the deep layer of skin. The tip of the microneedle can release radio frequency energy 6 million times per second, so that the original broken and missing collagen and elastic fiber can continue to regenerate and build, without stimulating or hurting the epidermis, so as to achieve the goal. Can gold radio frequency microneedle go to red blain blain imprint? What should I pay attention to?

  Cause of red acne marks

  Red acne marks are called inflammatory acne, mainly because active acne produces inflammation, because inflammation has an absorption process, will make a lot of collagen cell necrosis, leaving uneven imprint on the epidermis, and blood vessel congestion will exist in the early imprint, resulting in the formation of red acne marks. If it’s very light, it will go away on its own in about three months. If it is serious, it needs to be addressed through the optoelectronic project.

  Can gold radio frequency microneedle purify red blain blain imprint?

  Yes, yes, gold RF microneedles mainly use the microneedles to send RF energy precisely to the dermis of the skin (it can only be repaired at this depth). Radiofrequency heat can improve the activity of water molecules in the skin, promote the rapid growth and division of collagen and elastic fiber, reconnect and support the original necrosis of broken fiber network of red acne print, so as to achieve the effect of weakening and eliminating red acne print.

  What should be paid attention to when making gold radio frequency microneedles?

  There should be no need to talk about how to care for gold rf microneedles. Today, let’s talk about what can’t be gold rf microneedles.

  1. No skin infections or skin diseases (excluding acne) are allowed.

  2. For hemorrhagic diseases, anticoagulants are not allowed.

  3, scar constitution, skin malignant tumor can not

  4. Pacemakers, stents or metal implants are not allowed.

  5. It is not recommended for people with low immunity after fresh exposure to the sun.

  6. It is not recommended to take it during pregnancy, lactation or menstruation.

  Gold radio frequency microneedle can not only remove red acne marks, but also shrink pores, fade fine lines, tighten skin, so that you can take care of your skin while removing acne marks, killing two birds with one stone.

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