What is the principle of microneedle beauty?

  What is the principle of microneedling machine? What is the function of microneedle? Microneedle actually refers to golden microneedle or radio frequency microneedle, and it is also a cosmetic treatment that many doctors recommend to improve the skin. However, many babies who love beauty do not know what microneedles mean. Today, we will reveal the secret for everyone~

  What is the principle of microneedle?

  The principle of microneedles is to use tiny needles to stimulate the skin to create countless thin tubes on the skin level in a short period of time, and then through these thin tubes to effectively penetrate the beauty active ingredients into the skin, with some whitening and moisturizing factors. Ingredients to fight skin problems, so as to achieve the effects of treating scars and stretch marks, whitening skin, diminishing spots, improving eye wrinkles and dark circles, and tightening and improving facial skin tissue.

  Microneedle therapy can stimulate new collagen in the skin, promote skin metabolism, and make the skin glow again. Microneedling is an incurable disease that can improve skin quality overall, so it is highly praised by many dermatologists.

  The main function of the microneedle

  Rf microneedling’s main function is to tighten the skin, shrink pores, stimulate collagen regeneration, remove acne marks, thicken the skin, and improve sensitivity. The reason why microneedles have these functions is that microneedles have trauma to the skin and can stimulate the skin’s self-repair function. In order to prove that an effective delivery channel can be opened on the skin, it is usually done in conjunction with a medical care mask or essence introduction project. The nutrients can directly enter the mesoderm and be absorbed by the skin.

  Microneedle operation steps

  The first step: cleaning

  First, use cleansing products such as facial cleanser and exfoliating gel. Use microneedles to clean the area that needs to be treated, and then use ultrasonic and other multifunctional beauty equipment for deep cleaning. (Note: Dry skin should avoid excessive exfoliation.)

  Step 2: Anesthesia and disinfection

  After cleansing, apply anesthetic ointment evenly and cover with plastic wrap for about 20-40 minutes. (Note: Be careful when applying around the eyes, not to get into the eyes.)

  Then after 20-40 minutes, take a clean paper towel to remove the anesthetic, then wipe the entire face with saline, and finally wipe the entire face with an alcohol wet paper towel for disinfection. (Note: When cleaning the anesthetic, you can also not remove the entire face at once, but remove the anesthetic locally according to the chin, cheeks, forehead and other parts. Then apply after disinfection.)

  Step 3: Formal microneedling treatment

  Operators should wear disposable masks, gloves, etc. And bring an unopened needle and syringe (or dropper) for preparation. Extract medicines according to the purpose of the operation.

  The operation sequence can be bottom-up or top-down. However, the treatment intensity (needle length adjustment) of the forehead, nose, cheek, and chin has been slightly adjusted. And forehead and nose: Use a needle to pierce around 1.0-1.2 mm for 3-5 minutes. Cheek: Take the needle about 1.2-1.5 mm, 3-5 minutes. Chin: Use a needle to pierce 1.2-1.5 mm for 2-3 minutes. The fourth step: postoperative sedation.

  After the micro-needling of the entire face is completed, the residual medicinal liquid on the face is introduced into the deep layer of the skin with a multifunctional beauty instrument such as ultrasound.

  After introducing the liquid medicine, put on a sterile mask for sedation. After applying it for 20 minutes, take out the ice towel prepared in advance from the refrigerator and apply it to the medical moisturizing mask for 5-10 minutes.

  Use the LED mask (blue light) to soothe and soothe the skin for 20 minutes.

  Microneedle precautions

  cannot stay for long.

  Remember, no matter whether it is electric or roller, it is not allowed to operate in the same place for too long, so as not to completely puncture the skin and leave a dull color. Put on the repairing mask immediately after you finish it, which helps to reduce inflammation, calm down, reduce redness and swelling, and shrink the pores of the needle eye.

  Use skin care products that contain growth factors.

  After finishing the first two days, continue to use growth factor skin care products to help the skin repair, spray as much as possible in the first two days, and it will be difficult to absorb after the wound has healed two days later.

  Moisturizing requires thin and light products.

  During the repair process of fractional rf microneedle machine, moisturizing is very important, but it is necessary to use light and thin water emulsion products. Don’t let your face feel dry, you can use moisturizing spray to help moisturize. Try not to apply facial cream for the first three days, so as not to clog pores, increase the burden on the skin, and grow small white bumps. Lightweight moisturizing products can be used to soothe the skin (such as medical repair essence), which can promote skin repair.

  After treatment, wash your face according to your recovery.

  After microneedle treatment, beauty lovers need to wash their faces according to their specific recovery conditions. After receiving the microneedle treatment, you can wash your face in an average of 36 hours and use mild cleansing products to help clean your skin. If you don’t wash it for a long time, your skin oil will clog your pores, making your skin look rougher and your pores enlarged.

  Adjust the treatment frequency according to the situation.

  Microneedle rf machine treatment needs to adjust the treatment frequency according to the skin condition. Microneedle therapy is not a one-off, and can only last for a few months. Therefore, it is recommended to do the microneedle cycle every half month to one month. According to your skin condition, oily skin can shorten the cycle, and sensitive skin can extend the cycle.

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