How much does picosecond laser tattoo wash cost?

When it comes to tattoos, many post-80s and post-90s people will think of social people, such as Chen Haonan pheasant. For post-95s and post-00s, some people may think of stars such as Quan Zhilong and j-park. Indeed, tattoos have been a controversial topic in society. Because tattoos are difficult for some conservative people to accept, especially working in society, Tattoos tend to give a bad impression. Therefore, some people tattoo when they are young and frivolous, and regret it when they grow up. They always think about how to wash the tattoo. Let’s have a look at picosecond laser tattoo washing.

Laser wash tattoo

Picosecond laser is a kind of laser technology, that is, the pulse duration (pulse width) of each laser reaches picosecond level. Picosecond laser can crush melanin more finely with faster speed and powerful energy. Honeycomb lens technology refocuses each laser beam, so that skin tissue can widely and intensively stimulate fibroblast reaction under high energy concentration to generate collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so as to whiten, tighten and improve the skin of the whole face and repair scars, Fade wrinkles and become a new skin purification tool.

The principle of picosecond laser tattoo washing is that human skin is divided into shallow epidermal layer and lower true lining layer, in which the epidermal layer can be updated and shed quickly, while the true lining layer will not. When tattooing, the pigment is generally implanted in the true inner skin layer, so it is long-term and cannot disappear by itself. Therefore, it is not very easy to remove the tattoo.

The picosecond tattoo washing method is divided into four parts:

  1. High frequency electronic watch needle wash tattoo. 2. Color removal by freezing. 3. Divine needle heat transfer method. 4. Picosecond wash tattoo.

Advantages of picosecond tattoo washing

  1. Picosecond wash tattoo can be operated selectively by using lasers of different wavelengths, so that the skin will not be damaged.
  2. Picosecond wash tattoos can remove tattoos with large area and heavy color.
  3. The advantage is that there is no obvious tattoo scar after using the tattoo knife.

Do a picosecond laser tattoo washing big date at 3980 ~ 9800 yuan / time

Its price is related to the facial spots of those seeking beauty: some seeking beauty have more serious spots, some are lighter and less. The course of treatment naturally needs to be different, and the money naturally needs to be different.

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