How about the effect of picosecond laser tattoo washing?

Young frivolous in order to prove that they are brave, many people choose tattoos, and there are many reasons for tattoos, such as young people showing their personality, lovers showing love to each other, family and religious reasons, and so on. Good tattoos are really pleasing to the eye, like exquisite works of art, which are never tired of seeing. Picosecond laser tattoo wash to understand it!

Laser wash tattoo

Picosecond and the Q-switched laser are actually a kind of laser beauty instrument. The high energy emitted by the laser is used to break the pigment in the skin tissue, which makes the pigment mass expand due to heating technology and lead to explosion, so that most of the pigment can pop out of the body immediately, and the small particles will also be swallowed by the cells and gradually discharged from the body.

The picosecond laser pulse belongs to the picosecond level, which can make the energy more concentrated, which is 20 times that of Q-switched laser. It can break the pigment group into smaller particles, which is easier to be metabolized by the body, so as to greatly improve the pigment excretion rate.

Relatively speaking, picosecond laser is more effective in removing tattoos. In addition to the traditional black, it can also remove different colors such as blue, red, green and purple. Compared with Q-switched laser, the treatment interval is shorter and the number of times is less.

Picosecond laser will not damage the skin like Q-switched laser, and the single shot power of picosecond laser is high. While strengthening the breaking of pigment mass, it will hardly cause damage to the surrounding normal tissues. The postoperative recovery period is short and it is not easy to leave scars.

As for how much it costs to wash the tattoo, it is determined by the location and size of the tattoo and the technology of the hospital. Affected by the differences of individual factors, different beauty seekers have different tattoo parts and sizes. In this way, the treatment course and times of laser tattoo washing are also different, which leads to the difference in the amount of money required for general tattoo washing. How much is tattoo washing

Generally, the cost of tattoo washing depends on the technology and times: the role of laser is highly selective, and the cost of tattoo washing is also different. No damage to the surrounding normal skin, no obvious side effects and no scars after operation. Generally, the tattoo can be removed after laser treatment for the past 1 to 3 times. How much money is needed for general tattoo washing depends on the location and size of the tattoo, as well as the technology of medical and beauty institutions and the number of tattoos.

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