Can laser hair removal be permanent?

  What is the principle of laser hair removal?

  Laser hair removal is actually based on a wide range of selective photothermal processes. Because to achieve permanent hair removal, you have to destroy the hair follicle stem cells, which are located in the bulb of the hair follicle, deeper than the shaft of our epidermal hair, and have no melanin. But our hair removal laser is mainly based on melanin, so hair removal laser actually produced stem cells can act on the hair stem melanin, from the skin surface of the hair stem diffusion to the dermal papilla, so as to destroy the hair follicle stem cells, to achieve permanent hair removal.

  Is laser hair removal safe? Does it burn your skin?

  Many friends worry that if my hair follicles are destroyed, will my skin be burned? Basically, our laser is aimed at pigments to absorb the target base, and the darker our skin tone, the more melanin our epidermis contains. If not handled properly, it may cause epidermal damage, so generally speaking, very white skin, very dark body hair is the best and safest way to remove hair. Because most of the heat is absorbed by the hair and less by the epidermis, conversely, the darker the skin, the higher the risk of shedding.

  However, we do not need to worry too much, because at present the depilation instrument of formal institutions will have a very good skin cooling system, to ensure that the skin is not damaged. In addition, laser hair removal is safe and works well if a professional adjusts the parameters based on your skin tone and hair growth. Therefore, safety mainly depends on the safety of the instrument and the professionalism of the doctor. If you come to Dr. Ho, for example, you can’t go wrong!

  What place can choose depilate?

  Hairline, armpit hair, beard, bikini line, leg hair, lip hair, hand hair. The focus is on. There are some differences between different parts of the hair and their response to laser treatment is different because the treatment can be different. In general, thicker and darker hair (such as armpit hair) will work better than thinner and darker hair (such as lip hair), so different parts of the body need different times, so it is appropriate to consult a professional doctor before treatment.

  How many times does laser hair removal need to be done? Is it permanent?

  Laser hair removal is the only way to completely destroy hair follicles and achieve permanent hair removal. Individual differences and different hair growth cycles usually take 3-6 times to stabilize.

  Because most hair follicles are tied together in a group, one of the hairs in the pore grew from one of the three hair follicles below him, and only one can be destroyed at a time, leaving the other two to be reassembled.

  What’s more, the growth of hair needs to experience three cycles: growing, receding and resting. The effective rate of laser hair removal was 75% in growth stage and 25% in degeneration stage. During the break, you are advised not to waste money because it is ineffective. But only one-third of our hair is growing at any given time and needs to be removed three to six times. Who is not suitable for hair removal?

  Pregnant women, people with bacterial and viral infections in hair removal areas, patients with scar constitution and patients with photosensitivity.

  How to prepare before depilation?

  1. Do not remove hair one month before treatment, such as hair removal cream, tweezers, beeswax, etc. This can affect hair removal to some extent.

  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun (sunburn caused by exposure can easily increase the risk of skin damage during laser hair removal).

  3. It is best to remove the hair in the removal area two days before laser hair removal.

  What does laser need to notice after depilation?

  After hair removal, if redness and swelling are obvious, cold compress for 20-30 minutes and cooling treatment can be carried out. If there is no relief after cold compress, apply ointment as directed.

  A normal shower is fine, but don’t take a bath or sauna.

  Don’t wash the hair removal area with hot water or scrub it vigorously with soap and body wash.

  Avoid the sun after hair removal and apply sunscreen as directed by your doctor.

  Follow the doctor’s advice. If your skin is particularly sensitive, your doctor will give you special instructions. Remember to listen to the doctor.

  Can laser depilate affect sweat?

  The laser only works on the melanin in hair follicles. Hair follicles and sweat glands are not the same tissue, and there is no melanin in sweat glands, so it will not affect perspiration. The laser causes the hair inside the follicle to automatically shed without shedding, not only making the skin smoother, but also helping to keep it dry and reduce body odor.

  Can laser depilate let pore greaten?

  Some fairies struggle. If I lost my hair, would the follicles get bigger and thicker? In fact, because the principle of hair removal also follows the selective photothermal effect, if properly handled, repeated hair removal after the skin will become more fair and delicate.

  Principle: Photons can effectively reach the location of the hair follicle through the skin, and can be fully absorbed by the hair follicle tissue, destroy the hair follicle, so that the hair follicle is in a state of atrophy, pores naturally smaller and thinner. The laser also works on the skin, which also contains melanin, to whiten the skin. Of course, after laser surgery, we must take good care of it in accordance with the doctor’s requirements. Therefore, the correct operation of laser hair removal can not only help you solve the annoying problem of body hair, but also make our skin white and delicate and smooth.

  Isn’t it a little exciting to look down at your fast feet after reading the article? Action speaks louder than heart. Laser hair removal must be done in summer. Arrangement!

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