Fractional co2 laser machine is introduced in detail, do you know co2 machine?

  The acne marks are still there, and they may linger on the face for several months to several years, and some will never disappear. This is the biggest worry for many girls! Although it doesn’t hurt, it looks very distressed. Fair skin is covered with these pimple marks and the appearance is greatly affected. For many sensitive girls, they may even feel inferior. Thinking that most girls will have such troubles, I would like to share with you how to quickly remove acne marks and regain fair and smooth skin!

  I believe that every girl has her own experience on the road of “anti-acne”. Adolescent acne scars can easily disappear with aloe vera gel if you take good care of them. More importantly, if you are more stubborn, when you are young and your skin repairing ability is relatively strong, you can effectively repair your skin with serums and targeted skin care products. But what I fear most is not knowing how to take care of my skin when I’m young. Acne grows intermittently, and the face is covered with deep and shallow pits, which seriously affects myself and scares others! In response, many people will choose medical beauty to remove acne marks. Unlike other skin problems, acne scars are long-term deposits, very stubborn, and difficult to solve at one time. Using medical beauty to remove acne marks is the fastest and most effective method compared to drugs or skin care products. At present, the technology with short treatment period and the best effect is CO2 fractional laser. Next, Bian Xiao will analyze the principle of carbon dioxide lattice laser in detail for you.

  First, literally, CO2 lattice laser = lattice CO2 laser. Dot matrix refers to a way of working with lasers. As long as the diameter of the laser beam is less than 500m and the laser beam is regularly arranged in a lattice form, the working mode of the laser is lattice laser. The most confusing CO2 lasers are molecular lasers, where the main substance is carbon dioxide molecules. The working principle of CO2 laser and its stimulated emission process are complicated. Let me simplify it for you. It can be understood as a laser excited by CO2 gas under special equipment.

  Hearing this, you may still be a little confused. do not panic. Let’s use a flashlight as an analogy. When the flashlight is normally on, it’s a big dot. In dot matrix mode, a gauze screen is placed in front of the flashlight. The pattern of the large spot remains unchanged, but is divided into small spots, which are finally output in dot matrix. This treatment can reach every corner in the most delicate way, speed up the healing, rearrange the proliferation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and the final effect can be called the beauty of “angel’s hand” healing! Skin damage is small. The wound heals in 4 to 7 days with minimal complications such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. At the same time, the epidermis of our skin has a lot of pigment, which will fade as the epidermis peels off. This is how co2 fractional laser treatment can not only repair acne pits, but also whiten the skin.

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