Can tattoos be washed off? What is the principle of laser tattoo washing?

There are many ways to wash tattoos on the Internet, such as surgical excision, skin grinding, chemical corrosion, and various traditional Chinese medicine lotions on Taobao. In addition to these unreliable methods, at present, the more common basic is laser elimination. Usually, picosecond is also laser, but its level and blasting ability are stronger.

Cleaning tattoos has always been a “scary” topic, because most people think that washing tattoos is comparable to cutting meat. Many people are basically paralyzed after Baidu. In fact, laser tattoo is a common and scientific method. If you want to understand the principle of tattoo washing, you must first know the principle of tattoo. Human skin is divided into the upper epidermis and the lower true lining. The principle of tattoo is to inject color into the upper layer of the true lining of the skin. The epidermis of the human body will metabolize and fall off faster, while the true lining will not. Therefore, tattoos are permanent and cannot disappear by themselves.

The principle of laser tattoo washing is to apply the laser to the tattoo, use the effect of the laser and different color pigment particles to absorb the laser of specific wavelength, and penetrate the epidermis in a very short time under the strong energy of the laser. Due to the irradiation of the laser, the light receiving part of the upper surface absorbs a lot of heat energy, which will expand rapidly, while the lower part remains unchanged, Due to uneven heating, it will break into smaller particles and debris, which will be desquamated through the skin, or discharged by blood circulation and swallowed by macrophages. After many such irradiation processes, the later pigment will be gradually absorbed and eventually disappear. When this method is operated properly, the laser action time is very short, so it will not damage the skin tissue and leave scars.

Color tattoos are more difficult and take longer to wash than black and gray. Because black absorbs energy more easily, while light color is more difficult, and the laser spectrum is different. Therefore, black and gray tattoos are relatively easy to wash, while color tattoos, especially yellow, green and red, will be difficult to wash. In addition, the size of the tattoo area, the depth of the pigment penetrating the skin, and the particle size of the pigment will affect the difficulty of washing the tattoo. The absorption capacity of the tattoo’s own macrophages also has a great impact on the final effect.

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